Breadboard Blocks

Our breadboards enable you to easily add custom termination and components into your system. Perfect for those working on prototype systems who require a flexible yet reliable setup.


Breadboard 160 Pin

Breadboard block provides a solution for custom termination and component integration. Perfect for prototype systems, this versatile tool offers multiple uses. Fit them between any of our PXI/LXI cards and a standard cable, or create your own cable with a custom pinout and components. Whether you’re refining your design or adding specific components, our Breadboard blocks will help you solve your connectivity challenges with ease.
  • Create custom pinouts
  • Integrate components such as resistors, LEDs, capacitors, screw terminals, etc.
  • Compatible with any PXI/LXI card and standard cables or for creating custom cables
  • Perfect for prototype systems with uncertain pinouts
  • Available in solder-able and solder-less versions, both with an array of at least one or more three-hole-pads per connector pin.
  • Two enclosure options:
    1. Removable fully screened aluminum enclosure
    2. Easily removable clear polycarbonate cover over the breadboard
  • Optionally, we can create custom covers available for mounting components directly, with custom labeling or engraving.

Design Your Cables Easier Faster Hassle Free with Cable Design Tool

The first step to creating a custom cable with us is to use our free, easy-to-use online tool.

One-Stop Shop for Your Cabling Needs​

Design with ease using our Cable Design Tool, and we’ll bring your cable assemblies to life.


How it Works

At Pickering Connect, we make custom cable assembly easy and efficient. Our streamlined process ensures that your project runs smoothly from design to delivery. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:

1. Create Your Cable Assembly Design

Use our intuitive Cable Design Tool to easily draw your design. If you get stuck at any phase of the project, simply reach out to our technicians using the built-in chat for assistance.

2. Design Review and Feedback

Once your design is complete, our technicians will review your project and provide feedback to improve manufacturability, performance, and cost-efficiency.

3. Product Manufacture and Shipping

After you approve the project, we will manufacture the cable and ship it to you, anywhere in the world.

Don’t Want to Draw Your Design?

Do you already have a design drawing and don’t feel like redrawing it? Simply send it over, and we’ll handle the rest.

* Please note that additional charges may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every product we manufacture comes with a robust 3-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to reliability and quality.

Ensures we meet international standards for quality management.

Our manufacturing processes follow industry standards for electronic assemblies, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Our cable assemblies adhere to stringent environmental and substance regulations, promoting safety and sustainability.

Tech Specs

Our Cable Design Tool offers a comprehensive array of features and functionalities — intuitive tools for designing and managing custom cable assemblies, enhancements that streamline the entire design process, and a highly advanced, cloud-based framework powering all operations seamlessly.

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