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Breadboard block Pickering

Breadboard Blocks

Pickering Connect offers Breadboard blocks which allow you to easily add custom termination into your system and the ability to place various components into your cable (resistors, LEDs, capacitors, screw terminals e.t.c.).

You can fit them between any of our PXI/LXI card and standard cables or create your own custom cable, a custom pinout and components. 

Are you working on a prototype system, and you are not sure about pinout yet? Or you need to add some components into cable (resistors, leds, capacitors, screw terminals e.t.c.).   

  Then you can achieve this easily using our Breadboard blocks! A typical application would be fitting the breadboard block between your device, and a standard (1-1 wired) cable, creating your own special cable, with custom pinout and possibly components. 
We offer solder-able and solder-less versions, both with an array of at least one or more, three-hole-pads per connector pin. 

There are two variants of Breadboard enclosure: 

  • The first is fully screened, CNC milled Aluminium enclosure

  • The other, similar, but with a removable cover over the breadboard. The Block can then used with or without the cover (providing easy access to Breadboard). 

We can also provide custom covers, which could for example, allow mounting components directly to this cover, have custom labeling or engraving e.t.c.