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Specializing in custom cabling

and connectivity requests

    Pickering Connect designs and manufactures custom cabling and connectivity solutions, offering cable engineering expertise and a quick turnaround on custom cable designs using our in-house PCB, 3D mechanical design, and CNC, PCB component placement capabilities.

    We have a vast experience, 15+ years, with test and measurement cables and work with modern components such as mass interconnect solutions, military circular and Harting modular connectors.     

    We test all of our cables on modern cable analyzers; the testing consists of both low voltage testing for continuity, wire resistance and shorts, and high voltage testing for insulation resistance, dielectric failures and overcurrent. 

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    15 years experience


    Specializing in complex
    cable assemblies


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    Cable Design tool   

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    Our specialization

    Special cable assembly

    Custom Cables

    We’ll take your request for special cable specifications, materials, addition of devices, etc, and turn them into custom connection solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.

    Custom backshells are quality products manufactured from aluminium

    Backshell Design

    All of our backshells are manufactured using anodized high-grade aluminium, and we’ll manufacture in any shape and in any size. 

    3D printe

    3D Printing

    We offer custom 3D printing. We can take customer needs, design and print on our 3D printers. We have ABS and Resin filament type 3D printers at our disposal. 

    Breadboard block Pickering

    Breadboard Blocks

    You can fit them between any of our PXI/LXI card and standard cable and create your own custom cable, with custom pinout and components.