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3D printer

Custom 3D Printing

Solve your complex engineering challenges with our 3D printing solution!

We offer wide range of material and print resolution. Are you looking just for concept exploration, rapid prototyping, pre-production or even small scale production? We can offer solution for every one of them and print products using FDM for fast printing or SLA if you require high resolution and quality.

We can print for you ready-made STL models, or our engineers team can make design for you solution from scratch to finish product. All of this done in-house with limited lead time!

You can choose material for your products PLA, ABS, PET, FLEX, or wide scale Resins such as Rigid, Flex, Hi-temp and many mores.

We not stop there! do you need something extra as a castable wax resin, ceramic resin or something else? Just contact your technicians team and we will offer solution. 

 If you need some metallic product, we can offer 5axis CNC machining of aluminium or PTFE.